Anita Galafate, Wedding and Event Planner in Rome

Anita Galafate

Wedding Planner in Rome

Loving the work you do is possible ... and that is what has happened to me for many years .. I love my job and I love designing, coordinating and implementing any type of event, whether it is a wedding or a particular birthday committing myself to the utmost and working, together with my team, always with a smile even when the most difficult challenges arise.

Each event is different, I never offer "standard packages" but on the contrary I try to create something unique and always in line with the needs, tastes and budgets of those who rely on me.
In these years I have created the best companies in the industry creating a solid team that shares with me passion, commitment and high standards of service, a team that supports me and supports everything I do ... we know that the heart of every great result is always a great team with which you can produce incredible results.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

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Brigida and Damiano

It's been almost a year since that wonderful moment ... when a january entering in a fair and chose almost everything for my wedding ... here, as if by magic, while I was choosing the photographer, you appear ... and with a simple disarming comes into my heart immediately ... for me a love at first sight that made me question everything and follow you ... you're an exceptional woman, a wonderful professional ... always available, a volcano of ideas, always with the smile even with the problems you are the solution to everything ... but the thing that makes you UNIQUE in this world of marriage is that I know the most beautiful secrets that make out the EMOTION, the real one not what many they make you believe ... you get inside ... you realize in a superlative way the most delicate and important day of us ... with effort and with so much love ... that love that makes the difference and that allows me to say that you choose I would always be forever ... you are an extraordinary worker ... and a unique woman ... thanks for the dream that only you can give away ... thanks for making the wedding of each of us a dream ... simply MAGIC. Thank you so much.

Martina and Emiliano

spend your wedding in peace and worry. With us she did an excellent job, solving any problem during the evening. She gave us some suggestions so that our marriage would be even more romantic. Thank you so much for everything. Marty and Emi

Valentina and Stefano

Professional, careful to a thousand details, full of joy and enthusiasm. A determined and charismatic woman, able to make the day of the big step "happy-go-lucky". At the end of the party, you immediately miss it!

Federica Maltesi

Professionalism, taste, class, innovation, perfection, all this and much more is Anita Galafate, she and her team take care of every single detail without leaving anything to chance. If you want it to be an unforgettable day, trust them they are fantastic in everything!

Milena and Francesco

On such a special day Professionalism is essential, and as a couple we can say and underline that the professionalism of Anita Galafate events and wedding planners was exceptional. All this took place without a minimum of problems (more than 170 guests were took to downtown from Rome to Marino all day), confirming the absence of problems thanks to the exceptional professionalism and quality of the service of Anita.

Masumi and Toshiyuky

Anita is very kind and talented woman.
Though we can't speak Italian, or we are not catholic, she made every effort to realize our wedding in Roma.
Her excellent work made us impressed.
She is not only beautiful, talented, and very nice woman. She is really good!!